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meet the original blockheads





The birth of blocks

Sam has always batch-cooked his meals and frozen them.
But after ruining countless tupperwares and ziplock bags, he wondered if there was a better way. Talking to his mum one day, he found that she used to freeze his baby food into ice cube trays. This sparked an idea — why isn’t this a thing for adults?

Sam saw enormous potential but knew he needed a proper cook to join forces with. He called up a friend from school, the best chef he knows. In between running his award-winning street food company and cheffing in restaurants across the big smoke, Charlie had been honing his skills cooking for the likes of Katy Perry and The Spice Girls. He was ready for a new challenge. Sam went down to his kitchen with the wacky idea and they teamed up to bring you STOCKED.


Perfect Portions

They already knew that freezing food preserved it perfectly (no nasty additives needed!) and lasted far longer than recipe kits. Other ready meals never felt the right size to be truly satisfying and by freezing their meals into handy little blocks they could give people the power to choose their own portions.

No more half-eaten meals lurking in the fridge or miniature meals leaving you hungry and dissatisfied. Make the meal that’s right for you.


Food Freeeedom!

They’re big believers in people eating exactly how they want to eat. By pledging that at least 50% of their range would always be plant based, STOCKED would have something for everyone.

They wondered what it would be like if they got rid of the rules around food. Why is it always curry and rice? Or chilli on a baked potato? They want to help people kickstart bangin’ meals with recipes showing how to twist those Beef Chilli Blocks into Dan Dan Noodles or how to turn those Curried Chickpea Blocks into a totally delish Laksa.

Looking for solo, date night or feed-a-crowd meals? Get ready to be mind-blown by their recipes HERE.


Waste No Space

Before settling on Blocks, they tinkered with all kinds of shapes for their food. Discs? Balls? Pellets? In the end it just had to be Blocks because they stacked so neatly and fit perfectly in the freezer.

They found you can fit in 2.5x more food in the freezer (compared to those chunky ready meal trays!) — an absolute space-saving superpower for their pokey London flats! And once you’ve had a few blocks, just roll up the pouch and tuck it away to save even more space.