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We're on a mission to help busy foodies eat well, no matter their schedule. Our handy little Blocks are here to make your mealtime rock, transforming back into insanely tasty meals in minutes.

Choose your portions

Whether you’re feeling peckish or famished, you can choose how many Blocks to chow down on.

Serve them your way

Ready to eat with rice, wraps, pasta, or baps! It’s completely up to you.

All taste, no waste

Cut out those unwanted leftovers and be kinder to your pocket, and the planet too.

How it works


Your Dishes

Take your pick from our mouthwatering menu with new specials each month.


Our Chefs
cook them

Made from quality ingredients, frozen, and delivered to your door!


Make them
your own

Choose your perfect portion every time, and serve it just the way you like.

Want us to pick for you? Try our bundles today with 15% off

Dine like a Dragon with our favourites, including 3 Great Taste Award* winners:

  • Chicken Tinga*
  • Harissa Jackfruit*
  • Pork Rendang*
  • Curried Chickpeas
  • 4 packs, enough for 8-16 meals
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Our 4 favourite dishes made with plant based ingredients, including a Great Taste Award* winner:

  • Harissa Jackfruit*
  • Hearty Ragu
  • Chana Dal
  • Curried Chickpeas
  • 4 packs, enough for 8-16 meals
  • Billed and shipped monthly info
  • Sign up now to get your first month for £37.40
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A mix of dishes for the whole family including 2 Kid Friendly dishes* that are low in salt, packed with hidden veg, and have zero nasties.

  • Legendary Lentil
  • Cheeky Chicken Tikka*
  • Chicken Tinga
  • Curried Chickpeas
  • 4 packs, enough for 8-16 meals
  • Billed and shipped monthly info
  • Sign up now to get your first month for £37.40
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  • author
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    STOCKED has been brilliant for me

    I've always struggled to get in a regular routine of eating healthy food with a busy day job - until Stocked! Really convenient and delicious. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to eat healthier or who has limited time to cook their own food!

    Sam L

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    Verified buyer

  • author
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    Makes gym life easy!

    My partner and I both compete. If we're not at the track each evening, we're usually in the gym. It's often late when we get home, and we're frequently exhausted. Having a selection of Stocked meals to choose from makes life easy!

    David H

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    Verified buyer

  • author
    review stars

    As a mum and qualified nutitionist…

    I work long hours but I almost always cook from scratch because I hate feeding my family processed stuff. This is the first meal company I have ever subscribed to and I've been telling my friends about Stocked too! Love love love.

    Elizabeth D

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    Verified buyer

Better for our planet

And Pockets

Leftovers and incorrect portion sizing at home lead to more food ending up in the bin than all the supermarket food waste combined.

Our Blocks are here to help you never throw out a meal again so you can be kinder to the planet, and your pocket too.

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How many Blocks are in a serving?

Our packs have 8 Blocks, enough for 2-4 meals depending on your serving preferences. For a start, we suggest using 3 Blocks for dinner with rice or pasta, and 2 Blocks for lunch wraps and sandwiches.

Is STOCKED a complete meal?

Our saucy dishes are packed with protein and lots of other good stuff. They are generally low in carbs so you can decide exactly how to serve them. You could simply grab a spoon and tuck in but we recommend having them with your favourite bases.

Is delivery free?

You betcha! Delivery is included in the price of your Blocks. Order by midnight Sunday for delivery the following Thursday. Check out our delivery info to find out more about how it works.

Are any of your meals vegan?

At least half of our range is plant based and always will be!

Do your dishes contain gluten?

Most of our meals don't include any gluten. The others are made without gluten but are processed in the same kitchen. Ingredients and allergens for all our dishes can be found here.

Where can I find nutritional info?

The nutritionals for each product can be found on their respective product pages. You can also find this information for all our products in one place by clicking this link.

Can I eat my STOCKED like a saucy lollipop?

Tempting as that may be, we strongly advise against this. You should ensure the food is piping hot before you eat it

Benefits of subscription

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Complete control

Pick and choose your favourite Blocks for each order and pause, cancel, or change frequency at any time without cost.

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More food

Get access to our monthly benefits as well as special subscriber discounts and perks.

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Better value

Our subscription is 16% cheaper than buying one-off which we think makes it a no-brainer. If you want to buy one-off, you can do that here!