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Choose your own portions with our game-changing Blocks. Our protein packed, sauce based dishes will help you eat food you love without the hassle.

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How it works

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Pick your favourite dishes from our menu and have them delivered to your door.

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Each pack contains 8 Blocks which is enough for 2-4 meals and can be heated in 3 minutes.

serve them
your way

Have them simply with rice or in wraps, as the base of a banging pasta dish, or just grab a spoon and tuck in!


Benefits of stocked

Nutritious and preservative free

Packed with protein and made with fresh, high quality ingredients

Impossibly space efficient

2.5 times as space efficient as an equivalent ready meal

Fits your schedule

Happy in your freezer for months so it’s ready when you need it most

Save time

From pack to plate in as little as 3 minutes

Less food waste

No need for leftovers, eat what’s right for you every time


Each meal has endless potential, check out our recipes for inspiration

useful food for your freezer

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How many Blocks are in a portion?

Each pack contains 8 Blocks which is enough for 2-4 meals depending on how you serve them. A good place to start would be having 2 dinners using three Blocks with rice or pasta then a light lunch on toast with your last two Blocks. Figure out what you like to do with them!

Is STOCKED a complete meal?

Our saucy dishes are packed with protein and lots of other good stuff. They are pretty low on carbs because we think you should be able to choose a base (if you even want any at all). So you could grab a spoon and tuck in but we recommend having them with your favourite base.

Is delivery free?

You betcha! Delivery is included in the price of your Blocks. We currently deliver on Wednesdays with the order cut off at Sunday midnight. If you’re not in on delivery day, our dry ice should keep your Blocks nice and frozen until late in the evening

Are any of your meals vegan?

At least half of our range is plant based and always will be! Keep an eye out for our leafy plant based symbol.

Are any of your meals gluten free?

Only 3 of our main 8 dishes contain gluten - Curried Chickpeas, Harissa Jackfruit, and Beef Chilli. The others contain no gluten ingredients but are processed in the same kitchen. The ingredients for our special dishes can be found on their product pages!

Where can I find nutritional information

The nutritionals for each product can be found on their respective product pages.

Can I eat the Blocks like a saucy lollipop?

Tempting as that may be, we strongly advise against this. You should ensure the food is piping hot before you eat it