Tasty food, kinder to our planet

At STOCKED, doing the right thing for our planet matters. Our Blocks help you eat portions that are perfect for you and waste less food. 

Check out what we’re doing to make our foods and processes more sustainable.

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Our packaging

Where we are now...
  • Packs: PET Plastic (Non-Recyclable)
  • Box: Cardboard (Kerbside Recyclable)
  • Liners: Upcycled Denim (Reusable)
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  • Packs: Carbon Negative Biopolymer (Recyclable)
  • Liners: Collected / Reused via Collect+
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  • Packs: Circular packaging (Reusable)
  • Box: Chilled Delivery (No more boxes or liners)

Our ingredients

Where we are now...
  • Sourced from British farms
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  • Buy direct from local farms
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  • Work with regenerative farms

Our company

Where we are now...
  • A very low food waste company
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  • Achieve BCorp Certification
  • Join a meal donation program
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  • Be a total zero-waste company
  • Be a total carbon negative company