Did you know UK households throw away more leftover food because of incorrect portion sizing and food going off in the fridge than all the supermarkets put together? That's a whopping 300kt (or 4 billion STOCKED Blocks!)

Tackling this crazy stat starts at home... that's why we've made it our mission to get more people eating STOCKED!

Perfectly portioned

Our Blocks mean you can make a meal that’s the right size for you - not a leftover bite in sight!

Super shelf life

No more ingredients in the bin - our Blocks are as fresh on day 1 as day 100.

Fabulous fridge clearer

Rice and pasta are great but make sure you check the fridge for leftover veggies to add to your Blocks.

Our Packaging


We’ve said goodbye to those horrible plastic trays used for most ready meals, and introduced our nifty bags that provide perks for all parties.

Our packaging allows us to fit more food in less plastic! One day we hope to pack our Blocks in reusable bags but for now, you can recycle them at supermarkets. Our delivery boxes are sustainably sourced, printed in the UK and kerbside recyclable, while our reusable liners are made from upcycled denim (and make pretty awesome cat castles too)!

Not only do our Blocks give you complete control over your portion size, they are also super space efficient. You can fit more than twice as many meals in your freezer compared to those bulky ready meals…big up the Blocks!


We’ve got big dreams at STOCKED, so we’re doing all we can to achieve our sustainability goals. Sure, our Tinga on toast might only take minutes to make, but building a great company takes time. We’ve not reached ‘perfect’ quite yet, but we’re always striving to do better and promise to be open an honest with you throughout our journey. We can’t wait to take you along for the ride!