Make delicious dishes from around the world in just 4 minutes with our brilliant Blocks.



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Pick your favourite dishes from our menu and have them delivered to your door.

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Each pack contains 8 Blocks which is enough for 2-4 meals and can be heated from frozen in 4 minutes.

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Have them simply with rice or in wraps, as the base of a banging pasta dish, or just grab a spoon and tuck in!

"Awesome tasting selection - kids love it"

Really impressed with the taste. Feels natural and "properly cooked". As someone with 2 kids who constantly like to remind their old man he can't cook "nice meals', this is great. My kids love it, super quick, super convenient... Just add with rice, tortilla, noodles, pasta... And dinner sorted. I make sure my freezer is regularly stocked with this stuff.


"Delicious food and so handy to have in"

Delicious food and so handy to have in the freezer. Stops me buying a takeaway when I can’t be bothered to cook and much better to get good nutritious food. Lots of great veggie options too which is handy to Have ready when vegetarian family come over so I don’t have to cook separately for them!


"These meals are so full of flavour"

Exactly what I have been looking for. Easy to prepare, easy to store, easy to order and good value.


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How many Blocks are in a portion?

Each pack contains 8 Blocks which is enough for 2-4 meals depending on how you serve them. Start by trying 3 Blocks for dinner with rice or pasta and 2 in your lunch wraps and sandwiches.

Is STOCKED a complete meal?

Our saucy dishes are packed with protein and veg. They are generally low in carbs so you can decide exactly how to serve them. You could simply grab a spoon and tuck in but we recommend having them with your favourite bases such as wraps, rice, or pasta!

Is delivery free?

You betcha! Delivery is included in the price of your Blocks. Order by midnight Sunday for delivery the following Thursday. Check out our delivery info to find out more about how it works.

Are any of your meals vegan?

At least half of our range is plant based and always will be! Keep an eye out for our leafy plant based symbol.

Are any of your meals gluten free?

Only 3 of our dishes currently contain gluten - Curried Chickpeas, Harissa Jackfruit, and Beef Chilli. The others are made without gluten but are processed in the same kitchen. Ingredients and allergens can be found on our product pages.

Where can I find nutritional information

The nutritionals for each product can be found on their respective product pages. You can also find this information for all our products in one place by clicking this link.

Can I eat the Blocks like a saucy lollipop?

Tempting as that may be, we strongly advise against this. You should ensure the food is piping hot before you eat it